5 Wine New Year’s Resolutions for 2011

Welcome to the new year and the start of a new decade.  It is a time for reminiscing over the year just passed as well as looking forward to new and better experiences ahead.  As you know, there is a tradition of preparing “resolutions,” or commitments to achieve certain objectives in the coming year.  It’s like having a fresh start and a re-freshing outlook on your immediate future.  I have informally polled several wine-lovers throughout our online communities and asked what kind of resolutions they would be making for 2011 and here are the results.  Please comment below if you have other resolutions you would like to add.

1. Drink sparkling wine other than just for special events

I can relate to this because I made this very resolution in 2010.  How did I do?  Not as well as I would have liked.  Regardless, the point is that sparkling wine is more than just a celebratory pop! and fizz.  As I’ve said before on this blog, sparkling wines are made for food pairings because of their higher level of acid and the effervescence which serves as a palate cleanser.  There are many good options out there at all price ranges, so get out there and embrace the bubbles.

2. Slow down and enjoy wine more

This is in reference to some of the pressure, warranted or not, that many feel when they are buying and drinking wine.  There is this feeling of having to know a lot about wine to make the best purchase and then be able to distinguish and call out the attributes when being tasted.  If you’re a Sommelier and that’s your job, well, this applies to you too.  Remember to always take the time to just enjoy the wine and forget about the “evaluation” of it.  Of course, as always, you should drink what you enjoy most and that there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to the wine you enjoy or how you prefer to enjoy it.

3. Venture out of your comfort zone

Don’t be afraid to try some wines you’ve never had before.  If you’re strictly a big red wine lover, make a note to try something lighter like Pinot Noir or even a Chardonnay once in a while.  One day, you might just surprise yourself and open up a whole new world.  Joining a wine club is a great way to get a variety if wines every month and help you on your way to broadening your horizons.

4. Learn more about wine

Converse to #2, you may be interested in learning more about wine so that you can more easily determine where wines and grape varieties originate or perhaps be able to train your senses to evaluate the often complex attributes of wine.  That’s a noble goal and I support you, so definitely look for opportunities to get educated including taking some formal classes (CSW or WSET to name a couple) and joining (or starting) a tasting group in your area.

5. Open that special bottle

What are you saving that “special” bottle for?  Unless you have a huge cellar, are a wine collector/investor or have 20 years to spare, there is really nothing wrong with pulling that bottle on any day of the year.  However, if you must insist on an occasion, how about Open That Bottle Night, which is always the last Saturday of February every year?  The founders of Open That Bottle Night are Dorothy J. Gaiter and John Brecher, former wine writers of the Wall St. Journal and this year it will be February 27, 2011.

Please share your 2011 goals with us below in the comments. Cheers!

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