3 Ways to Beat the Heat

Summer is in full swing and we don’t want you sweat a thing, so we’ve got you covered with three easy ways to beat.

Mix things up

Personally, our go-to during warm weather is an ice-cold refreshing beverage. Our favorite during summer? Sangria, of course! So grab your favorite friends and spend an afternoon on the patio or poolside with a pitcher of our favorite sangria mix.

Stone Fruit Sangria

the best sangria recipe

What you need:
– 1 bottle Windsor Rosé, $16
– 1 each: apricot, nectarine, peach and plum
– 4 cups chilled ginger ale

What to do:
Remove pit and slice fruit into wedges. Combine fruit and Rosé in large pitcher or bowl and chill for an hour. Add ice and ginger ale before serving.

Master the No-Cook Meal

Seriously, this has got to be our favorite summer tip. Sure the A/C can do a lot to help cool off your house (if you have one!), so don’t continue to heat up the house cooking a meal on the stove top or oven. Instead, try a quick & easy meal like a salad or gazpacho. Pair it with a food-friendly, balanced Sangiovese, $16.

Summertime Gazpacho


What you need:
– 6 medium-sized tomatoes
– 1/2 large cucumber
– 1 sweet bell pepper (pick a color, any color)
– 2 cloves garlic, smashed
– 1/3 cup olive oil
– 2 Tbsp. sherry vinegar
– 1 cup water
– salt (to taste)

What to do:
Peel cucumber then cut cucumber, bell pepper and tomatoes into chunks. Combine all ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until coarsely puréed. Refrigerate until chilled.

Chill in no time (almost).

Have an impromptu soiree or get-together and don’t have any wine chilled? No worries! Use this quick trick to chill your favorite white wine in less than 15 minutes. Be warned though, the most important part of this tip is the timer!

Quick trick to chill wine


What you need:

– Your favorite Windsor wine to drink chilled
– 1 tea towel
– Timer (Seriously, trust us – you don’t want a wine slush J)
– Freezer

What to do:
Wet tea towel under faucet and wring out excess water. Wrap around bottle of wine and place in freezer. Set timer for 12 minutes and voilá… a perfectly chilled bottle of wine in almost no time.

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